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Just Jump

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Video Transcript

Just Jump

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Sometimes when you just gotta do it

the best course of action may be to

Just jump

You walk to the water's edge with your friends.

The water seems freezing cold.

Everyone else hesitates.

Everyone BUT you that is


IF You are going in anyway,

Why be the wimp?

Why not be the hero and jump first?

You are a senior martial artist

You are an Action Principles(R) Champion.

Test your thinking

Test your resolve

Think of ways to be EXTRAORDINARY


YES, when it comes to describing you

You DON'T like words like "WEAK" and "SQUEAMISH"

and phrases like, "I'M TIMID."

YES, you DO like words like "BOLD" and "DECISIVE"

and phrases like, "Stand Up Guy


NO Bull Shit."

There is time for thoughtful reflection.

There is a time for planning

And, there is time to JUST JUMP in - suck it up - and get wet and chilly.

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Just Jump

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