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How To Be Powerful?

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Video Transcript

How to be powerful

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

If you want to be average,

you DON'T need much of a plan.

You can just shuffle along with everyone else.


if you want to be successful, powerful, respected and extraordinary,

you need a plan, a to-do list.

You need a power schedule.

A few years ago, the Army ran a recruitment ad,

"We get more done by 8AM than most people get done all day."

Can you make that your motto

WOW, even give yourself an EXTRA 4 hours

Commit to getting more done by NOON than average people get done in an ENTIRE day.

For an Action Principles(R) Champion,

this won't be that hard.

In fact,

Operating from a power schedule is what you are all about

For example, AVERAGE people only work half the time that they are at work

and even then

they tend toward the easy aspects of their jobs.

Average people are NOT particularly ambitious.

Average people are mostly living Groundhog Days.

It's the same BS, day after day.

Get on that POWER schedule

Get up exercise, meditate, eat right, read your mission statement,

read an Action Principle (R) to start every morning

What one of our videos

have a plan of accomplishment at work,

pick something challenging to do and DO it,

help someone in need,

read and learn something new,

plan your next moves,

You get the idea.

Your power schedule is your powerful, successful life.

You are planning.

You are learning.

You are taking DECISIVE ACTION.

Average people are pessimistic and stressed

because they have allowed their futures to be ruled by others or by chance.

You WILL be powerful because

You are in charge of you and your future.

Action Principle(R) Champions are positive.

They plan.

They execute the plan.

They are in control.

This is power.

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How To Be Powerful?

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