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Success Is 50 Hours?

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Video Transcript

Satori 50 Hours

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Hear this number - 50 hours

Repeat - Repeat - Repeat

Engrain this number into your mind

50 hours - 50 hours - 50 hours

This number CAN be

This number SHOULD be

This number WILL be

the key to your EXTRAORDINARY success

Brainwash yourself



Work 50 hours

Whatever your job

Whether you fry potatoes at Micky Ds

or you are an executive at Microsoft

Work 50 hours

Work 40 hours to pay your bills

Work 10 hours for investment

Of course, I suggest putting that 10 hours of work

That extra 20% of your income into real estate

Remember, for all times in all countries

It has been

It is

It always will be

The RICH people who own the real estate-

Definitely watch my Real Estate Millionaire Tip Series

So 10 hours for investment and

40 hours to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle

For those 40 hours at work -

Be exceptional and

actually work at work

The average American workers only works half the time that they are at work

So, if you work ALL the time that you are at work

YES, you will be twice as productive as an AVERAGE American worker

And, you SHOULD enjoy TWICE the pay and benefits

If you can't find a company who adequately appreciates you

Become a commissioned salesperson or start your own business

Watch this video again

Then think for yourself

Then commit for yourself, for your family and your great financial future.

This is YOUR plan

You DON'T need another plan

LET the world know

That YOU will


And, you WILL

Soar ABOVE them ALL

50 hours - 50 hours - 50 hours



Ah, Satori

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Success Is 50 Hours?

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