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Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

You aren't some bumbling idiot wandering around in a fog

You have CLEAR goals

You have a SPECIFIC plan for how to reach those goals

And this plan isn't just some DREAM on paper

EVERYDAY, you make your todo list

EVERYDAY, you take decisive action

EVERYDAY, you move closer to realizing your objective

This does NOT mean that your path will be either quick or smooth

It will be hard work

That's OK,

you EMBRACE hard work

ANY day and every day of the week

You are ready, willing and able to OUTWORK all those AVERAGE drones around you.


Yes, you EXPECT that there will be FORESEEN and UNFORESEEN barriers in your path

Yes, with the BIG goals you have chosen

It is INEVITABLE that you will falter and stumble

It is INEVITABLE that you will make mistakes and want to kick yourself in the ass

Yet, you are determination to keep working and fighting until

YOU complete YOUR mission

and attain YOUR goals

It is your POWER of self-discipline

It is your power of self-reliance

It is your tremendous WILLPOWER


Step by step

You plod forward

You are an Action Principles Champion

Smiling, tough, happy, accomplished

Thank God for who you are

Being ambitious

With strong WILLPOWER,

And Determination

And Self-Discipline

YES, YOU are blessed.

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