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Is America in Decline? Part One

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Is America in Decline? Part One

Is America in Decline? Part One

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

If you are a young person, be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Unfortunately, the odds ARE that you were coddled by well meaning parents

You were CODDLED

You were coddled when you should have been shown the VALUE of working hard.

Unfortunately, the ODDS are you were given promises

PROMISES that are proving to be just fanciful, false expectations.

Unfortunately, the ODDS are you have NOT been sufficiently challenged or corrected.

You have NOT been given enough chances to make mistakes, to fail and to deal with disappointments

Bottom line - you were NOT given the chance to GET TOUGH.

Unfortunately, in a world that will REQUIRE toughness, the odds are that as an AVERAGE young person you are WEAK.

FORGET your shelves full of trophies.

FORGET your mother's junk drawer full of your "everyone wins" ribbons.

FORGET your wall of diplomas.

FORGET all of the glowing accolades.

Those WERE - WERE - your glory days.

HELLO, YOU will NOT be a success

AND, NO ONE will see you as a success

If you are 30 years old and still sleeping in your childhood bedroom

Now, get ready for reality.

Today and tomorrow it will be personal performance that counts.

Start with the job market.

Companies are having a field day.

Profits are way up.

Profits are way up because companies no longer have to be politically correct.

Today, companies don't have to worry about racial or gender or age quotas.

They can hire and fire WHOMEVER they want.

The clear message to job seekers and new hires:

"You can work under the conditions and the wages we set or you can get lost."

Since unemployment levels will remain high, companies can simply use the economy as an excuse.

Companies can be as lean and mean as they want.

Lean means that they will operate with as few employees as possible

and keep the guillotine blade above the necks of

"NOT fired yet" employees.

Mean translates to "if you don't like it, then take a hike."

Are companies evil?

No, companies are in business to make money.

Today, there is just a lot more "free" in "free enterprise."

AVERAGE young people will BOUNCE forever from job to job to job

Never really gaining any career traction


You do NOT want to be average

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Be tough - Do that

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Is America in Decline? Part One

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