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How To Get Any Job

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Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

How to make a million dollars

Well, you can't sit around - slack jawed - with your hands in your pocket - hoping that someone is going to walk up to you in the street with a BIG bag of money

Wouldn't that be nice


Even if you work

Even if you work very HARD

A crappy job earning $10 or ever $20 an hour isn't going to cut it

If your goal is making a million dollars

You need a really, really good professional job

Or, you need to be a commissioned salesperson

Or, you need to own your own small business

You want a million - choose one of the above

You need an Action Principles mindset

You must be a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action

Some realtors and some lawyers and some accountants make $40,000 a year and some make $400,000 a year - you want to be the one who makes the $400,000

How do you do that? Well, you find the elite of your profession who are making $400,000 and you do what they are doing.

Am I kidding?

I am NOT kidding - you find them - you figure out what they are doing - you do what they are doing

you copy success

Forget wasting 2 years and $70,000 getting an MBA

Figure out what job you love doing

Find people making BIG money doing that job

Do what they are doing

Here is another strategy

Some taxi drivers and some bartenders, and some waitresses and some guys with landscaping companies and some women with maid services and some people who are dog walkers -

make $80,000 a year -

Again, find these people - figure out what they are doing and do what they are doing

If you make $400,000 - you can probably live on $300,000 and have $100k to invest

Very possible in ten years or less you can invest and make a million

You see even if you didn't make a dime investing - in ten years - you'd still have a million saved

If you make $80,000 - you can probably live on $60,000 and have $20k to invest

Very possible in 20 years or less you could invest and make a million

What? How?

How do you make ENOUGH to have ENOUGH to save and invest -

Well you need a KICK ASS hardcore teacher who is going to tell you THE TRUTH

I'm too old to waste my time BS -in you

From me you will hear the hard, cold honest truth

So, ritght now - today subscribe to this channel -

watch my real estate and business videos -

watch ALL the videos

watch the videos SEVERAL times and then several times again -

Go to my website, and download my free eBook, My Three Angels - find out who I am

I am teaching you what almost 50 years in business and studying business has taught me

Yes, you are listening to an old martial arts master and benefiting from my experience


Smart investing is to invest in a field in which you have INSIDER knowledge

If you sell cars, invest in car companies

If you work in the oil industry, invest in oil companies

Or use your knowledge to SHORT companies - which means - you are an insider - if you know that a particular companies products really SUCK -

or the whole company SUCKS


you can invest AGAINST them

The more they continue to SUCK the more money you make

I don't know much about software companies but if YOU work for a software company - YOU should know the software industry leaders and LOSERS

In any case, you know more about your industry than the average man on the street buying software stocks

PUT that knowledge to use

Really - if you work in an industry, you know more than the average stock broker

Now, think about this

When you buy stocks you are betting on someone else's performance

Real estate is better because you are betting on your own ability to find great deals

Definitely watch my real estate videos and you will know MUCH more about real estate investing than average folks AND much more than AVERAGE real estate agents

Even if you intend on only buying ONE house - watch and learn

Where do you get money to invest?

You must have an immediate goal of reaching the top 10% of your profession -

Of course, you work to put yourself among the ELITE

being well compensated -

Then, living frugally

SPENDERS enjoy today and then are SCREWED tomorrow

INVESTORS put their money to work today and enjoy a better tomorrow

On this channel, I am going to show Action Principles Champions how it is possible to retire in 20 years less - if you are in your 20s or 30s - they will be ready to retire YOUNG


Remember, we are talking about retiring YOUNG when many - could be MOST in the future will NEVER have enough resources to retire comfortably

Now, remember, I am talking about Action Principles Champions

NOT average person

Most AVERAGE people are SCREWED

Action Principles Champions are tough, thoughtful men and women of action.

They are hard working and self-reliant - they are far, far from average

I'm going to teach you to be tough and rich and happy -

OK, you don't have to love me -

I want

I EXPECT you to do one thing for me - and yourself - and the world

in thanks for this teaching

Become an Action Principles Champion

That's all the thanks I need

Subscribe and keep watching.

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How To Get Any Job

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