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Is America in Decline? Part Two

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Is America in Decline? Part Two

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Young people can whine, "It's not my fault."

Yes, blame society and politicians and teachers and parents.

OK, maybe it's NOT YOUR fault

BUT what difference does that make you are STILL SCREWED anyway.

If you are a young person what should you do?

Begin by facing reality and not waiting for the glory days to return.

Washington has already mortgaged your future.


Don't wait for more federal handouts.

Washington is NOT dealing with the massive federal debt.

They are NOT dealing with entitlements.

And, the chances are overwhelming

that your state is in even WORSE shape than the federal government.

Believe that there will no longer be any FREE lunch.

If you want lunch, you've got to work for it AND buy it yourself.

Here is your mantra: "I MUST SAVE MYSELF."


So, believe this, "YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELF."

Yes, THIS IS the tough love that you should have been hearing


"Cover Your Own Ass."

You must trust in yourself and in YOUR personal willingness to learn, to research and to work hard.

Don't trust the government to save you.

There is nothing there.

Don't trust companies to save you.

Companies are in it for themselves.

You MAY get promoted.

You MAY get fired.

Trust in yourself. CYA!

Get some practical education. The Master Success Courses are practical education.

The Master Success Courses are FREE on

Take most college courses and you will walk out as clueless on how to make a living and have a great life as when you walked in.

Complete the Master Success Program and you will know exactly what to do.

You want to be an Action Principles Champion

A tough, thoughtful, person of action

So, CYA, complete the program and follow the advice.

Here is the grim future

Thirty percent of young people are screwed.

Fifty percent will scape by.

Twenty percent will thrive.

The glory days are over, now, it's your choice.

Choose to do anything and everything necessary to join the elite 20%.

Of course, if you are an Action Principles Champion - this is who you ARE and how you live

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Is America in Decline? Part Two

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