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How To Succeed Starting From Nothing

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

How to Succeed Starting From Nothing

Nothing is a mindset

Thinking you have Nothing is the mindset of a LOSER

As my student and as you elect to become an Action Principles Champion

A word like NOTHING does not apply to Action Principle Champions

So if you were my student and acting ALL depressed about starting from nothing

I'd give you a swift, hard kick in the ass and tell you to stop whining

Wake up

What do you mean "Nothing"

What are you talking about

"You are starting from Nothing"

We are Action Principles Champions - tough, thoughtful, men and women of action

Boo Hoo - I have nothing fun to do


In every city and most towns, there are parks and lakes and museums and theaters and always lots of sporting events -

yes and all are available at little or no cost -

sponsored by community groups and colleges and high schools

You simply NEED the WILL to get your ASS off the couch

You have NO friends

Boo Hoo

Look in the mirror

Then, start volunteering - helping others - hand out candy at a nursing home -

Lots of people will thank you -

Lots of people will smile when they see you coming -

Lots of people will like you

Do you think Nobody LOVES you - boo hoo

You want a nice life partner

You want a life partner - forget the bars -

no OK the bars are fun but

when slurring your words and stumbling around gets old

and you want more than a ONE night stand

You want to Find kindred spirits -

that is people who LIKE what YOU like

and THINK like you think

If you are interested in gardening - join gardening clubs - join mystery book clubs - join softball teams -

where do people gather who love wine or cooking or quilting or NASCAR?

what do you love doing -

boating, bowling or hot air ballooning -

find others with a similar interest and YOU and THEY will have lots of good stuff to discuss together

Boo- hoo

Your family doesn't appreciate you

Bring home flowers for $6 - bring home some ice cream or a pizza - make your family smile -

get a hug - hugs are good

Do things as a family - TOGETHER -

Make the sacrifice

eat together - all together AT LEAST once a week

How about Go to church as a family and then out to brunch

Boo Hoo

You have nothing

You have a CRAPPY job

Most average workers only work half the time they are at work and then do everything possible to avoid the hard parts of their jobs -

As an Action Principles Champion

As an ambitious individual

This is GOOD news for YOU

Thank the Baby Jesus for these AVERAGE people -

Because you have an opportunity to Work hard

and get NOTICED

Become an indispensible employee -

and get raises and promotions OR

find a job where you will be appreciated and

THEN quit OR

Start your own business -

there are 5,000 different kinds of small businesses and people have become rich from ALL of them -

find the successful people in your field and do what they are doing

Research, plan, and act


You have nothing - NO MONEY - or not enough money

As an Action Principles Champion, a student of mine, believe that this is a TEMPORARY condition

Make a commitment to become a multi-millionaire in 20 years or less

You AREN'T a cat

You have ONE life -

Answer this simple question

are YOU willing to work 50 hours a week for 20 years to become a multi-millionaire -

then you want to watch my Real Estate Millionaire Tip series

Watch my Million Dollar Career Tip Series

Everything that you ever wanted for yourself and your family is within YOUR grasp

A Full, rich, rewarding life of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace

I will teach you -

the real deal - THE TRUTH

All of my teaching is based on the Action Principles philosophy of hard work and service to others -

For a tax deductible $20 donation to the non-profit American Success Institute, I will send you two signed Action Principles books and you will start to know what I know -

do that today - right now - find that donation button and take positive action

Lets take this exciting journey together -

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How To Succeed Starting From Nothing

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