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How To Buy A House Part 1

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is How to Buy a House, Part One

As my student, not only do I want you to buy a house

I want you to buy a house at 10% - 20% under market value

I want you to buy and sell a few houses to reach your dream house

AND, if you find this video helpful,

I want you to watch my Real Estate Millionaire Tip Series - where you will learn how retire in 20 years or less probably as a multi-millionaire

Even if you currently planning on ONLY buying ONE house the advice on my investment videos will help you

Be aware that my teaching is NOT intended for the general public or AVERAGE buyers.

My teaching is specifically directed toward MY students whom I call Action Principles Champion who are tough, thoughtful, spiritual men and women of action.

Men and women who are ready, willing and able to work hard for maximum rewards.

In real estate

Hard work means researching and making offers.

If that Sound good?

Let's do it.

Begin with self-reliance - trust YOUR own hard work -

Knowledge is POWER

the time you invest researching will have a significant payback

Real estate values vary widely from one town to another - from one area of a town to another area in the SAME town

to find a GREAT deal you MUST become an expert on values

Take YOUR time -

allocate 3-4 months to complete your research and build your knowledge base

Do NOT ever worry - about ANY particular deal

there will ALWAYS be good deals for those willing to put in the study time to find them

Remember, it costs nothing to make a real estate offer -

YES, make lots of offers

For your research, I suggest confining your search to a small, specific area with 25,000 residents

and becoming an expert on values in that


Start Online,

research every sale for the last 2-3 years -

Then get in the car and drive by every listing

matching the property to the sale price

Immediately start going to EVERY Open House in your area

- see EVERY house ABOVE and below your budget

In just a few months, you will be a VERY knowledge buyer

Imagine that negotiating power you will have as an EXPERT on local values

Now, this is VERY important

Only deal with a Super Agent

Super Agents are the top 20% of the real estate profession

Many real estate agents -

the majority of people with real estate licenses

are dabbling part-timers who make LITTLE money

While - A few agents make BIG money -

The BIG MONEY Super Agents know how to FIND deals

and KEEP deals together

YOU NEVER want to call a real estate office COLD -

YOU NEVER want to call off a real estate sign -

The odds are that you will end up with a loser agent -

most SUPER agents are NOT sitting idly in the office

Most SUPER agents work by referral

So, get referred

OR, there is NO law against directly calling the Super Agent

Visit the websites for EVERY real state office in your small, specific area -

Again online research -

Who is winning the awards -

most Super Agents have personal websites -

Impressed? Who seems like a fit for you

interview agents

YES, you want to deal with an experienced professional -

You want a no nonsense agent who listens to you

YOU will be spending a fair amount of time with your agent -

This is a business relationship -

You want to talk about real estate and YOUR real estate options

YOU DO NOT want to spend time with a clueless real estate agent who only wants to talk about her kids and how stressed out her life is

A Super Agent will understand - and LIKE the idea - REALLY LIKE the idea

that over the next few years, you will be buying and selling SEVERAL houses as you move toward your DREAM house.

Your Super Agent will also know local real estate financing and can help you get pre-qualified for a mortgage

If you like this video, please support our non-profit educational work by making a donation on YouTube or on our website,

The real estate advice will keep coming - so subscribe and keep watching

Now watch part two of How to Buy a House

Thank you.

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How To Buy A House Part 1

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