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How to live like a Millionaire

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How to live like a Millionaire

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

Life is about CHOICES and

living the life of a millionaire -

ENJOYING the finer things in life -


It is the style and attitude that you choose

It is IN your MIND.

You want the best

Well, what does THE BEST mean?

Do your research -

Make informed decisions and find the best options for you.

What do you love doing?

Then, plan to live THAT life.

You are a man or woman of action

You DON'T have to be envious of anyone

Millionaires love to EAT in great restaurants.

OK, you can enjoy GREAT food at great prices.

Do your online local research. Find the reviews.

Many of the best restaurants participate in "Restaurant Week" with lunches and dinners in the $20 - $30 range.

You will find that most of the BEST restaurants have luncheon specials that can be as much as 50% below dinner prices.

Millionaires love to travel.

Many of the TOP hotel chains cater to business travelers - Monday through Friday -

which means they will have excellent WEEKEND rates.

Why not take the family on a mini-vacation at a REALISTIC price?

And, you can't turn on the TV

without seeing ads for last minute travel sites with HUGE discounts -

so - AHOY, matey, bid on a fantastic cruise

World travel is expensive during PEAK times of the year and VERY affordable during the off-season.

Travel to Europe in the Winter and to the Caribbean in the Summer.

Millionaires love to attend the theater and opera and museums and concerts.

Do your research

MOST cultural venues offer special coupons and discounts.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Most major museums are free for members and also offer free admission times during the week.

And, think LOCAL,

there will ALWAYS be theater and exhibitions and MANY sporting events offered by your local college, high school or community groups?

Millionaires love books and movies.

Well that's easy

Every book or movie you ever wanted to see can probably be reserved at your local library.

Again, use your community resources

Millionaire love to wear the best designer clothing.

Visit second hand stores and shop on Ebay

and with a little knowledge and patience,

you can find the top brands for very low prices.

Let me let you in on a personal secret

I bought 3 used designer suits on Ebay for $400 - total

One was completely out of style - gave that to charity

One really didn't fit me right - gave that to charity

And the third was a $2,000 Canali suit - absolutely beautiful fabric and fit - it is my favorite suit and I wear it often

80% off - thank you Ebay

Millionaires love the finest things.

Well, you can buy excellent bottles of wine for under $15

and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for under $10.

Millionaires love the outdoors.

Parks, and forests and the ocean -

all free and waiting for you to appreciate

Millionaires love their staffs

You can hire virtual assistants on sites like Fiverr and Elance

Millionaires love pampering.

When stress strikes, get some serious TLC.

You are a martial artist,

You've learned how to mediate -

Breathe deeply and relax into your calm center

And, for $10 - $15 - you ladies - can find manicures and pedicures

If you are one of MY students, you work hard and you save

But there is NO reason to feel deprived

Find that ONE thing that you really love and go for it

It's OK - it's ONE thing - give yourself permission to splurge

If you've always wanted a Porsche -

find a Porsche mechanic and work with him to find you a great car at a great price

If you really want to live in Beverly Hills or South Beach or Manhattan -

you can find affordable opportunities

Think and you CAN live like a millionaire

Of course, if you are one of my students, you are thinking,

Bill, why should I act like a FAKE millionaire -

why not become an ACTUAL millionaire?

Yes, watch all of my videos on

So, no bitching, moaning, whining and complaining-

You CAN find a way to a millionaire's life

of purpose, passion, prosperity and peace

This is the Action Principles® mindset.

So get your Action Principles® book AND


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How to live like a Millionaire

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