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10 Ways to Guarantee Failure

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Video Transcript

10 Ways to Guarantee Failure

Hi, I'm martial arts master Bill FitzPatrick

Let me give you 10 ways that will almost surely will GUARANTEE that you FAIL

1. Forget about setting goals.

Just wander around aimlessly hopeful that everything will work out

2. Depend on others.

Believe that everyone, including your company and the government, has your best interest at heart.

So, you don't have to do anything

Just sit back and relax and wait for others to wait on you.

3. Understand that no one cares.

Don't become overly concerned about how you look or act

Be inconsideration

Be a slob with no manners

because most people are too self-absorbed to notice.

4. Easy is better.

Life is too short.

Always look for shortcuts and ways to cut corners.

Remember, if you don't get caught, you win

5. Save your money.

Save YOUR money so that you can

Always spend YOUR money on YOU.

Smart right?

If someone else offers to pay, laugh and let them.

You are under no social or moral obligation to throw parties or give presents.

6 Ignore all warnings.

HIGH VOLTAGE! Yah, right.

When is the last time you heard about anyone getting electrocuted?

Warnings are always self-serving to someone - not serving you.

Most warning are just ways for INSURANCE companies to save their own asses.

7. Always do the minimum.

Again, no reason to work up a sweat.

No reason to feel any stress.

Don't put out any more energy that is necessary to get by.

Extra effort is for chumps.

Let others clean up your messes -

at least they'll have a job.

8. Take everything for granted.

You have job today,

so you'll probably have a job tomorrow.

You've had the same customers for years so they aren't going anywhere.

Your spouse has put on a few pounds and your kids are slackers

so you are stuck with them

9. Volunteer for nothing.

Only a sucker sticks his head out,

and works for nothing.

And, most people are clueless and unappreciative anyway

Come on, you know that if people are really bad off,

the government will give them a hand.

If you think about it, most of the time

Charitable giving is only a tax dodge for rich people

10. Forget the Action Principles®

You don't need the Action Principles®


Thinking - planning - taking action

Working hard - being self-reliant

And repeating this day after day

Meet one goal and set another

Forget About It

After all -

If you believe

There no God

All politicians are crooks

Most marriages end in divorce

All immigrants are bums

And the SYSTEM is stacked against you

Why bother?

Just fail and accept it.

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10 Ways to Guarantee Failure

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