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How To Become A Wal-Mart Millionaire, Part 1

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How to become a Wal-Mart millionaire, Part 1

Hi, I'm Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick

How many people do you know who are unemployed?

Yet, every day without really looking for them,

you see lots of "Help Wanted" signs

What if you try to match one of the unemployed with one of these jobs

What happens?

You know what happens - you get a BIG excuse

They have kids at home - excuse

Their car needs new tires - excuse

They are PLANNING - VERY SOON - to go back to school to become a hairdresser or software designer or an astronaut

Or, they are waiting to plan on applying for an opening that they heard might become available for the police academy someday

Actually, come on

With government handouts or unemployment benefits or occasionally working under the table to prop themselves up

many don't want full time work

AND especially they don't want to work at the crappy job that you might mention that are being offered at CVS or Stop and Shop or Wal-Mart

And, if they "attended" college -

OMG - you can't be serious

they are insulted that you would even think that they should apply for such a crap job

Have you ever run into a situation like this -

I had a small apartment that I wanted painted - I figured it was a three day job and I offered a guy - an unemployed guy - $350 plus paint to do the job

he thought for a moment -

and actually SNICKERED back at me

"Naw, I can't afford to work for $14 an hour - I get $20 an hour to paint"

He was actually mad at me for making such a demeaning offer.

Well, guess what

I found someone else willing to paint for $14 an hour.


Working for $14 an hour - certainly when you have NO job - is NOT demeaning

Working at a Best Buy or Target or Sears or Wal-Mart is not demeaning

It is honest work

And, if you approach your work as an Action Principles Champion

ANY job with ANY large company can be the ENTRY to an opportunity to become successful -

yes, even to become a millionaire.

Yes, watch these videos

You will learn

It is HOW you think

It is HOW you plan

It is HOW you take action

AND, you do NOT need an MBA from the Harvard Business School

This is not rocket science taught at Cal Tech

Step One -

You fill out an application at Wal-Mart

You tell the interviewer that you are a HARD worker and FAST learner and a TEAM player and that you love Wal-Mart

If they tell you they aren't hiring, you come back the next day and the next

Be persistent - Wal-Mart will hire you

How can they resist?

You take the whatever job they offer you

You are hired by Wal-Mart -

Congratulations, you now have a job

Congratulations to Wal-Mart - they now have a great employee

Day One at your new job, you are NEW guy -

so YOU get to do the jobs that others -

who were hired a month ago - don't want to do

but jobs that still have to be done

You are the newbie

you take out the trash or clean toilets or stock shelves -

Yes, you smile

You roll up your sleeves

You do the HARD jobs -

You already know something VERY important,

You already know what others will SOON learn

That there IS something special about you

you are NOT just an ordinary, an average worker at Wal-Mart

You have a STRONG work ethic and you are SMART and you are AMBITIOUS

From Day One, you NEVER complain.

You view your job as a learning experience.

Who has the power? Who are the real bosses?

How can you make these bosses smile

How can you make your bosses look good to their bosses?

How can you solve problems?

To management, you want to be seen as a God send - a problem solver

Someone calls in sick - you'll take the extra shift

A delivery is delayed - you don't mind staying late

To the managers at Wal-Mart

You will be seen by one word


You will work harder, smarter, faster, better

You have a plan

If you start out making $9 or $12 or $14 an hour at Wal-Mart - you figure out which jobs pay $16, $18, $20 an hour

If you start out with a job at Wal-Mart without benefits - you figure out how to get one of the jobs at Wal-Mart WITH benefits

Who are the shift supervisors?

Who are the department managers?

Who are the assistant and store managers?

How much does each job pay?

How did the person who has that job get the job?

Every day that you are working at Wal-Mart you are learning how Wal-Mart operates?

Think of yourself as a business student getting paid by Wal-Mart to learn how the retail industry works.

The Number One retail company in the world and you are an INSIDER

If you are alert and aware, you mind is like a sponge

you are learning how purchase managers work -

how credit managers work -

how shipping and receiving works

You are learning about the "good" jobs -

the higher paying jobs at Wal-Mart


and you "aspire" to higher levels of responsibility and compensation

You have a plan - a plan to get promoted - again and again

Now, watch Part Two of How to Become a Wal-Mart millionaire.

How To Become A Wal-Mart Millionaire, Part 1

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