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3-1 Locating Your Business
3-2 Focusing
3-3 Your Winning Team
3-4 Creative Genius
3-5 Best Side Forward
3-6 High Tech
3-7 Your Action Plan
3-8 Your Dynamic Self
3-9 Reaching Your Goals
3-10 Congratulations


This is where we want to be: Master Small Business III. This is the course which puts you on the starting line of your own promising career.

Your life consists of your choices. There is no pretending. There are no excuses. You either understand or you don't. You either start your research and planning or you don't. You find your mentors and build your network or you don't. If you possess the warrior spirit, you are self-reliant. You reject "average." You accept the challenge of being all that you can be. You are a thoughtful, spiritual person of action. You do.

In the first two courses, we met interesting characters who have demonstrated the style and the attitudes necessary to succeed as entrepreneurs. There were common threads through the stories. These were not average young men and women. These were warriors. They faced criticism. They faced early disappointments. They persevered.

Get in the battle and stay in the battle. If you fall, you get up. If you get new intel, you adjust. Onward toward victory and victory for you will be a multi-millionaire retired in twenty years.

In Master Small Business III, we meet Andrew Martin, out of the Navy and bouncing from job to job until Andrew decides that he's sick of bouncing. His life is like a game of musical chairs. As he moves from sales job to sales job, the music stops and he's selling real estate.

The business doesn't matter. You can sell anything. Every company whether they make cereal or jet aircraft or suits or plumbing supplies, every company needs a successful sales staff. Without salespeople generating sales, there is no income. There is no company. The beauty of commissioned sales is that you can be an independent business person with unlimited financial potential requiring little or no personal capital outlay. If you're good, you are assured of a job forever. If you aren't good, you make no money and you're fired.

Andrew starts working for a real estate company where the best days seem to be in the past. The realty company owner is winding down and nearing retirement. The former ace agent has serious problems at home. The other office agents are content to make small incomes. In the beginning, Andrew gets off to a slow start and begins to form his own depressing rut. Then, one day, he gets this bright idea that he can sell income property and all of a sudden he has this SF, get out of my way enthusiasm. Talk is cheap. Everyone in the office kind of yawns at his new found bravado.

The owner of the company, Mr. Taylor, and the ace agent, Don Nardo, challenge Andrew to live his words. Prove it!

Andrew proves it. But, not right away. Andrew does have aggression and an arrogance which is good and bad. He isn't afraid of hard work and taking risks and making mistakes. He works hard and he makes mistakes. Eventually, Andrew succeeds by keeping his aggressiveness focused while toning down his superiority complex. What emerges, is a wiser and more humble professional, capable of significant achievement.

Aggressive but wise and humble, Andrew is ready to take on the real estate world. Andrew is poised to do extraordinary things. In just a few years in the business, withstanding a few bumps and bruises, Andrew goes from renting apartments to buying shopping centers. Andrew goes from making hundreds to making millions.

Put yourself in Andrew's position. He has big dreams that he is turning into a reality. What are your big dreams and what are you doing about them?

Let's continue marching forward. Don't screw this up. All is possible.

Bill FitzPatrick
   Bill FitzPatrick
   Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts Master

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