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Submit to a Higher Power - Action Principle® #5

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This is Action Principle #5 - Submit to a Higher Power

you have chosen to be extraordinary -

this means a personal commitment to WORK harder and smarter and longer -

But - be careful

As you accomplish more and more in business, it is very easy to fall prey to feelings of superiority -

Feelings of superiority are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to your objectives

As you become richer and more successful - you run the danger of becoming less and less likeable.

As your likeability goes down - your relationships - personal and professional will suffer

Set challenging goals, work hard and be successful while admitting that there will always be people who are richer and smarter than you are -

Submit to a higher power -

By stepping back and being humble you do NOT lose personal power;

it enhances your confidence -

Being relaxed and open and humble and down to earth -

grounded in your humanness is attractive -

and will attract -

People who want to be your friends

Employees who want to work for you

Customers who want to do business with you -

Believe that there is a God called Yahweh or Allah or Jesus or Buddha

To please God, common to all religions, live by the Golden Rule -

to do unto others as you would have them do unto you -

As a successful but humble person ...

You will smile. Those around you will smile and God will smile.

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Submit to a Higher Power - Action Principle® #5

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