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Follow Through - Action Principle® #4

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Video Transcript

This is Action Principle #4 – Follow Through

Follow through is that wonderful quality of the successful person – that says

I not only promise


You can count on me

As a parent, as a teacher, as a businessperson

I will be there

Even if later I find that I have to work a little harder than I thought or take a little less –

You don’t have to worry –

I will be there

Let me tell you a little story about Vivian – one of the greatest real estate brokers that I ever met –

Vivian was an old lady –

She had a small one room real estate office –

the walls were lined with file cabinets –

she had another old lady who answered her phone

And she had her husband Al – who was also old and had arthritis and was kind of bent over –

Two old ladies and an old man in a one room office –

and they made MORE money in the real estate business – then TWO dozen – average real estate agents – over a million dollars every year

In those file cabinets, was personal information on all of her clients – names, and names of children and birthdays and anniversaries

Here is what Vivian did –

For every occasion, Vivian sent a card

she specialized in the sale of waterfront properties in two towns on Cape Cod in Massachusetts –

no more than a few hundred homes –

She knew EVERYTHING there was to know about those homes –

Who owned them – when they bought them – what they paid –

She went out of HER way to meet every one of those owners and to pledge personal service to them –

Almost all of those people – owning waterfront homes – were wealthy – some only using the homes for a few vacation weeks a year –

The rest of the year –

should they worry? – NO

Vivian was on the lookout for any problems

over the years – Vivian developed such trust with them – she had keys for most of the homes –

before the owners arrived for vacation –

Vivian would check the houses and put milk and juice in the refrigerator –

If work had to be done on the house, contractors could get the keys from Vivian –

If you needed to be picked up at the airport – call Vivian and she’ll send Al

There was never any charge for these services –

Today, when I teach real estate agents about selling real estate – I will tell them the Vivian story – and you can see their eyes glaze over –

File cabinets? What are they? Today’s agents have automated contact management programs – who needs file cabinets?

Today, in those two towns on Cape Cod – there are at least six offices trying to do what that one little old lady used to do with her old secretary and her old husband.

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Follow Through - Action Principle® #4

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