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Write a Personal Mission Statement - Action Principle® #3

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This is Action Principles #3 - Write a Personal Mission Statement

A mission statement is your grand vision of the person you aspire to become -

who are your heroes?

Who are the people who have done or are doing what you want to do -

study them -

In business, I like Richard Branson and Jack Welch

In real estate, William Zeckendorf and, of course, Donald Trump

In the martial arts Bruce Lee and Morehi Ueshiba

In religion, Bishop Sheen, Thomas Merton, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II

There are many books BY and ABOUT all of my heroes -

I don't have to listen to anyone tell me what I can or can't do -

I choose my heroes as my own life teachers - examples on how I want to behave

I have one life to live and for me

all things are possible.

What others have done, I can do

How lucky I am to have this optimism

Take your quiet time - write your goals - divide and conquer - and start studying your heroes -

I mentioned famous people but if you choose to look, there are many wonderful role models all around you

You see and you think ...

Wow, Bob really is a great father

Susan is a remarkable investor

Tom is in top shape

Mary really has really wonderful sense of style

As time goes by -

and as you think and as you act like your heroes -

a wonderful thing will happen -

you will become more and more like them -

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Write a Personal Mission Statement - Action Principle® #3

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