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12. Give Back

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As you progress further along the road to mastery, even as you acquire more, your wants become fewer. You become increasingly content with what you already have.

Having worked harder and smarter than most others, by having been a careful spender and saver, by investing wisely, you will have more than you need. So you will have the wonderful opportunity to give it back to those who have made your success possible and those in true need. Doing more will not make you feel victimized. Doing more will empower you.

Remember a loving relative who wanted you to excel. Remember a caring teacher who encouraged you to study. Remember a tough coach who pushed you to work hard. Remember that giving clergy person who taught you the right way to behave. Thank you. You honor those who saw potential in you by following their practical advice. See your inner strength and exercise it. Be a giving person and you will never be lonely. Be generous and then forget it.

If you have found success with the Action Principles® and the Master Success Courses, please give back by telling others your story.

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