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13. Supervise Your Time

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In your past, you may have been misguided or overwhelmed or have screwed up. That was then. Now, you are awakened, a different person. Now, you have clearly defined goals. You have your Action Principles® Plan. So, research and find kindred souls and mentors. Plan your attack. If you need to prepare before advancing, do that. If you are ready to go, you go.

Mastering time is choosing to live your life on purpose: awake, alert and aware of what you're doing and why you are doing it. Having a purpose and being focused on specific objectives gives you a huge advantage moving forward.

You can work 50-60 hours a week to finance your investment program and do your online research and look at properties and buy and manage properties. Do it and you will find that you can do it. You can work long, hard hours and still live a great family and personal life. You are not average. You are an Action Principles® Champion. Get going.

Tell the world that you are weak and the world believes you. Never give up. Soldier on. You can make the choice. You can lay back and waste today and tomorrow and every day of your life. Or you can quietly show the world your abilities and strong will. You can take a first step and then another.

Everything is beginning. If it is to be, start now. Free the new you, ready to burst forth!

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