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2. Be Cautious of Conventional Wisdom

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Conventional wisdom is good advice that is applicable to the masses.

Yes, you received solid conventional wisdom, good general guidance, from your parents, teachers, clergy, coaches and others. However, those who care about you the most may be the ones most likely to try to protect you by constantly advising caution, taking the safe route, avoiding risk.

As an Action Principles® Champion, you have to be an independent thinker. You are a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action. Your work ethic and financial planning put you in an elite category of achievers.

Yes, a lot of conventional wisdom applies to you and a lot doesn't.

Conventional wisdom would say that to be successful you have to spend years acquiring a formal education while loading yourself with debt.

Conventional wisdom would say that you have to work 40-plus years for a company or many companies, hoping not to get fired.

Conventional wisdom would say that if you manage to work steadily, your company and the government will provide your retirement needs.

Conventional wisdom would say that starting a small business and investing in real estate are expensive and risky ventures.

If you follow your Action Principles®, you will find that conventional wisdom is probably right for the masses, but is often not applicable to who you are.

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