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3. Measure Up

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Are you ready to become an Action Principles® Champion and implement the Action Principles® Plan?

Do you measure up? Only you can answer this.

Expect that few will be motivated to embrace the challenge and seize the opportunity. Average people are looking to work less, not more. To most, buying investment real estate and dealing with property management and loving your tenants is unappealing. Most don't believe in the effort/reward benefits and are uninterested in learning otherwise.

A strong mind is your guard in fending off all of the negativity that will flow in your direction from those who will never do what you are doing and who will be envious of your success.

What can you do? Steel yourself. Through focus and hard work, forge your resolve. Yes, save yourself the aggravation and just shut up. If you find a kindred spirit with whom you can share your enthusiasm, fine but don't expect much company. Just quietly go about your work building your dynasty property by property.

Yes, let your success speak for you.

Today, there are new fortunes being made and many more to be made. You should be there. Measure up and you will be there.

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