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4. Set Goals

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You were born with the potential to be kind, tough, generous, wise, spiritual and accomplished. Your Action Principles® Plan and your other written goals are the direct path to reach your highest potential, a respected individual leading a meaningful life.

Others have already done what you plan to do. These are your role models. Study them and do what they did. Start anywhere, at any time, and persist. Believe in yourself and your abilities and special talent. Make the commitment and show the self-confidence to challenge your current situation.

Dare to live out your dreams. Think big. Fully commit to a busy, involved life. Become financially independent. Raise a great family. Share your good fortune. Be an example for others. This is your life to change for the better; it's day-by-day and step-by-step. It's one property and then another.

Every day, wake up visualizing the new, better you. Unless you proactively shape your life, circumstance will shape it for you. As an Action Principles® Champion, you are a winner, a survivor, ever eager to embrace the study, the hard work and the sacrifice necessary to achieve the results you demand of yourself.

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