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20. Persist

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Action Principles® Champions are doers. Analysis and research are very important. However, the time for decisive action will come. No one can say that you failed until you do. Changes that last a lifetime can begin in a moment.

The United States Marines look for the odds to be seventy percent in their favor and then they go, go, go and adjust along the way. They aren't frozen in place by constant second-guessing. They don't insist on guarantees where none exist. Consensus is wonderful but there are times when a leader must buck the conventional wisdom, seize the initiative, make a decision and take action.

Persistence is a masterful trait. You will do the research. You will know the facts. You will make offers and most of your offers will be rejected. Still, you will believe in your ability to find quality properties and you will keep to your plan. You will find new opportunities and you will make new offers. Your persistence will reward you and, in real estate, when you are rewarded, it is usually in a meaningful way. With persistence, only time stands between you and accomplishment of your Action Principles® Plan.

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