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19. Welcome Inflation

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You don't need a degree in economics to understand real estate and inflation.

Think about all of the physical components that go into building a house. There is the lumber and bricks and nails and tiles and shingles and wiring and pipes and fixtures and appliances, etc.

Now, very simply, do you think that these components will cost more in the coming years? What about contractors' wages? Yes, these component costs, as well as labor expenses, will rise.

In the future, new construction will cost more and more and this gradual but continuing progression upwards will, coincidently, pull up values for existing properties.

You will own these existing properties.

Real estate investors love inflation.

Your property increases in value.

Your rents increase.

With fixed rate mortgages, you pay back your debt with cheaper dollars.

Sooner rather than later, buy your six properties. Then, sit back and welcome inflation.

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