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18. Fry Potatoes

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When you start working for a company, consider your initial pay as your minimum wage. You must be consciously aware of opportunities for advancement. If you start out making $10/hour, how can you make $15/hour or $20/hour? You aren't idly passing time. You are immediately figuring out who gets raises and promotions and why. Who gets the overtime or access to the best accounts? Who makes these decisions?

Some people start off as the fry cook and in ten years they are still at it. Some people start off as the fry cook and in 10 years they own the operation and the commercial real estate. Stay alert and be aware that many of your co-workers may be slackers who are happy and content to pass the "workday" half-asleep. Poorly performing co-workers should be creating advancement opportunities for you. Take advantage. You figure out what steps are necessary to move from fry cook to shift supervisor to assistant manager to manager to owner.

You do what needs to be done. You may work overtime. You may volunteer for inconvenient shift times. You may accept unpopular assignments. You are a problem solver and make your boss's job easier. You make the boss look good. You become the reliable "go-to" person.

You are a smart businessperson. You are smart because you are curious and you research. Whatever your field, you figure out why some individuals and companies are more successful than others. You model and follow the leaders.

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