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22. Spoil Yourself

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Even during your asset building years, you do not have to live a pauper's life. You are working to pay your bills, invest and occasionally spoil yourself.

There should be some activities and gifts just for you. Next, there should be activities that you share just with your spouse. Then, there should be family activities.

This is not a rehearsal. This is your one life. If you've been a saver and investor, the time comes when you should be freeing up some of that cash. Remember the reason you make investments is not just to be rich but to lead a rich lifestyle.

If you really want to drive a sports car, you save and buy it. You can't afford everything all the time, but you can probably afford this single luxury. You can join car clubs associated with the vehicle and go to rallies. You can read books and websites and blogs. Probably, in your research, you'll come across a used car at a great price. Maybe you'll decide to restore a car.

The foolish move would be to buy an expensive car or clothes or jewelry or anything for status. The law of opposites strikes again. Snobbery creates the reverse effect one intends. Buy for yourself and not for others. Most people are focused on themselves and not on your scarf or your shoes. You work too hard to waste your money. Be sure that you really want what you think you want. Remember, on the day you die, everything you own will belong to someone else. Of course, you will be in heaven so this won't matter.

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