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23. Stay Alert and Aware

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Your life, the lives of those in your charge and the success of your Action Principles® Plan depend on your being alert and aware and prepared to take decisive action. While many go through life in a fog, you go through life with your head up and your eyes and ears open.

Alert and aware, you can already answer many important business questions:

What types of people make good managers and landlords?

What types of people make effective employees and good tenants?

Where do you want to live and shop?

How do you want to be treated when you exchange your hard earned money for a product or service or as down payment on your next real estate deal?

See. Listen. Read. Copy. Open your mind to the possibilities of your own potential. Life is your teacher. Alert and aware, it isn't too difficult to figure out how the winners win and why the losers lose.

Many people's existence is little more than day after day after day of the same boring routine, deciding to sit passively and let life happen to them.

You are separate from the crowd. You are a tough, thoughtful, spiritual person of action. You are prepared to take risks, learn, adjust and attack again. By investing in and, more importantly, completing the Master Success Courses, you are showing the inner fortitude to see how far you can go with the one wonderful life that God has given you.

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