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26. Beware the Naysayers

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An unfortunate side to human nature is that for the very reason that you will be successful, a few will be resentful and jealous of who you are and what you are accomplishing.

Because it's easy, rather than recognizing your hard work and planning, the naysayers will choose to attribute your achievements to luck and connections. Somehow, you are at fault for making the lazy malcontents look bad and feel unrecognized.

Unlike crusaders, whistle blowers and honest critics who are strong enough to express their views openly, most naysayers are weak, little people more comfortable operating behind your back. They whisper, gossip, nit-pick and undermine. They exaggerate and may lie.

Save your breath and logic. You cannot change naysayers. They have psychological problems beyond your expertise. Direct confrontation with them will only result in pointless dialogue and denial. Your best defense is simply to stay away from them.

Regardless of the non-consequential jabbering from lazy, low information skeptics, right now, there are new real estate fortunes being made and many more to be made. The same goes for new restaurants and jewelry designs, and game apps and all businesses. You should be there. You will be there. Let completion of your Action Principles® Plan speak for itself. Those who really care will know who you are. Leave the naysayers to their self-created misery.

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