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27. Follow Through

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How refreshing and powerful to be among those trustworthy individuals who mean what they say and then who can, without further fuss, follow through with appropriate, direct action. You earn respect by saying what you're prepared to do and then doing it.

When a tenant makes a repair request or you promise an improvement, do it. If a problem arises, share the concern and the remedy. Your word is your bond. When you give your word, others can consider it done. When and if trouble comes you are the tough, stand-up guy or gal that others are glad to be around.

You are a no-nonsense, serious person. Because you think before you speak, your words carry the weight of confidence and conviction.

If you make a mistake, you apologize and adjust. If a glitch occurs, you quickly notify those affected, explain, commit again and proceed.

You pride yourself on a job well done. You always check and review your work. Follow through amplifies your effectiveness.

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