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28. Use Your Connections

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Most people know about 600 other people. Use them. Yes, as an Action Principles® Champion, you will be a tough, hard working, thoughtful, giving, likeable person. Most of the 600 people you know will like you and will help you if they can. Can they?

Stop and think about all the connections you may have: relatives, teachers, bosses, clergy, neighbors, friends, and parents of friends. Who knows somebody who may help you take that next step up the ladder of success? Identify them. Talk to them about your plans. Start making connections and networking.

It would be foolish to not seriously consider any family business connections. You may think you hate the family dry cleaning business, but if dry cleaning is in your family DNA and you grew up in the business and can start your career at the middle rather than the bottom of an industry, why not love and take full advantage of the connection? Remember; make the most money you can, buy real estate and retire young.

Also, be aware and take advantage of any special development, lending or tax incentive programs that may apply to who you are or where you are investing.

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