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30. Risk Failure

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Be ready. There is no better time to start taking positive action than right now. You research and you have confidence in your preparations. Don't allow yourself to become paralyzed by indecision. You can be too careful. You realize that a time comes when you must act. If you hesitate too long, doubts will linger and turn into fears.

Many people look for guarantees before taking independent action. Yet, in seeking assurances from friends, family and colleagues, they frequently receive cautions, which can easily be used as excuses for inaction.

You do not want to look back on your life with regrets. Yes, you may stumble, be rejected and fall flat on your face. Losing time and resources, being disappointed or hearing "I told you so" isn't easy. This is all a part of the successful life. Misfortune may be shining the light on your path to extraordinary achievement. The difference between successful people and others is not whether you make mistakes or even temporarily fail, but how you respond.

Take any five properties in your investment area. Compare their values 20 years ago or 10 years ago with today and ask yourself if there really was any risk in purchasing any of them?

Perhaps the only big risk is inaction.

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