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31. Bring out the Master Within

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Male or female, from many places and doing many different jobs, including being managers and landlords, there are masters around you. These are men and women who pride themselves on being good and who help others develop as good human beings.

The master has a serene presence, friendly but steady eyes and a genuine smile. He exudes power and yet is gentle. His movements seem effortless. He is polite, respectful and optimistic. He is in the present and listening. He seems very natural and at home wherever he is. He doesn't have to posture or boast. He is not influenced by praise or criticism. With a lifetime of discipline and experience from which to draw, he's been there and done that and seen it all. He is not contending with you or anyone.

Understand that there is a master inside you. Be calm and deliberate. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Relax your hands. Breathe deeply. Be known as a listener and rarely interrupt. Walk with a purpose. Have a firm handshake. Maintain eye contact. Your demeanor is respectful. You are always affable and courteous. Let your smile begin in your mind. Be approachable.

The master continues a lifelong journey of studying, practicing and teaching.

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