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33. Remain Tough

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When life gets difficult and when mind and body signal good reasons for giving up, stand tall. Not all journeys are comfortable. Life is going to hit you, maybe often. Prepare yourself.

Tough may be a patient undergoing chemotherapy, a person facing rehab or a struggling single parent. Tough can be rejecting false praise and honestly accepting your family. It is making the decision to replace self-pity with self-reliance.

You've got to be tough to do the big things in life like taking risks, admitting mistakes, and changing bad habits or the little things like biting your tongue and waiting your turn. Temper toughness with kindness.

You will be disappointed by trusted aides and family members.

You will see economic circumstances turn against you.

You will be entitled to praise but instead will receive blame.

To see the other side of the mountain, you need to toughen up.

And, this is important, you will be working extra hard and you will have extra funds. This "extra" money will be a constant temptation. However, these are not discretionary funds. These are investment funds. You must remain focused on your acquisition and debt reduction program. It will be tough to stay the course. Thankfully, you are very tough.

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