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34. Use the Power of Patience

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Your time is coming. An Action Principles® Champion is not impulsive. Charging forward is a strategy but not always the best option. Use your experience, solicit informed opinions as you step back and assess each successive move. Your objective is to live an engaged, defined, disciplined, superior life. Save time by taking the time to get it right the first time.

Just because you deserve victory doesn't mean that you will win every fight, game or argument. Someone may have the tactical advantage. Have the self-confidence to know when not to fight. Perhaps the smartest course of action is to retreat and consider your options. Can you return to the challenge on another day better equipped, more experienced and stronger?

The non-action of the wise man is not inaction. It is studied. It is not shaken by anything. The heart of the wise man is tranquil. It is the mirror of heaven and earth: emptiness, stillness and tranquility. Be patient. What you fear may never happen.

Working 20% harder than average people is hard. Then, putting that money to work in real estate rather than immediately upgrading your current lifestyle is hard. Be patient. Soon 20 to 26 years will pass. You can do this. Become financially independent and create a family dynasty of wealth. You can. Be patient. Plod forward.

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