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38. Applaud the Beginner

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You walk into a karate school for a first visit and see kicking, punching, blocking, chopping and flipping. It can be intimidating if you've never done these things. Or, you may look in awe and feel awkward learning to snow ski or surf or studying a foreign language. It's tough to start a business, begin a diet or stand up to an addiction. It's tough to buy your first home or become a landlord for the first time. But persist; this is your first day and there will never be another first day.

Any new endeavor may be challenging in the beginning. Accept this. Initially, you may feel naïve and foolish. Persist. You must believe in yourself. Initially, critics may feel free to ridicule your ideas and goals as foolish and unrealistic. When you ultimately succeed, most will claim to have been on your team from the beginning. Take action. Persevere and feel the thrill of personal victory. Applaud those who try, because the first step is often the toughest. Welcome the newcomer.

As you proceed along the path to personal mastery, keep your beginner's mind alive. The beginner's mind is curious, awake, eager, hopeful and humble.

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