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39. Pass the Test

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You will have many opportunities in your life to cut corners, to be greedy, to deceive, to lie and to cheat. If you let down your guard, there will always be temptation enticing you to do the easy thing, giving you excuses, justifications and rationalizations for taking unfair advantage.

It will be very easy to take the extra money you are making by working hard and then use that money to make your life more comfortable rather than acquiring your six properties and retiring the mortgages. That would be easy. The test is to stay the course for the longer term and follow the Action Principles® Plan to where you have created that family dynasty of wealth. Spend now or enjoy later and forever?

Your life is presented test by test. This is not about everyone else; this is about you. It is an accumulation of making good choices over poor choices. Decide for yourself if you are principled or unprincipled. Will you accept living by a strong personal moral core based on core values or won't you?

Accept responsibility without complaint. You gain experience by working through difficulties. Be real and take the hard road: hard work, study hard, volunteer, sacrifice, be generous and lead by example. No one likes a phony. Pass the test and be the real deal. You will stand tall with confidence. You will like yourself.

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