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40. Earn this M. B. A.

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To some, the pinnacle of business education is to earn an MBA, a Master's in Business Administration. Wow, you've done it. After 14 years in school and hundreds of thousands in tuition and debt, you are ready to start your business career.

Good luck. This graduate school level MBA program may work.

Here is our Master M.B.A.

Make a product or service that the market demands. Cut lawns, style hair, design websites, sell coat hangers, teach school, tend bar, run a labor union or pull teeth.

Be in love with your customer. Customers have the money and you want them to give some of it to you. You want repeat business. You want referrals. If you work for someone else, you want your bosses to recognize your worth and to keep giving you promotions and raises. Make it happen.

Always keep learning and improving. What is it going to take to increase the productivity of your business? Or, what is it going to take for you to get your next promotion? Who makes these decisions? Why? When? Find out. Take charge. Study the competition. Challenge yourself.

Can a physician or a mechanic or a florist or a lumberjack complete the Action Principles® Plan? Of course.

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