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41. Think Win-Win

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Thinking win-win is a frame of mind that seeks mutual benefit and is based on mutual respect. It is about bargaining fairly and being open-minded and reasonable to all parties. It is about compromise and a sincere desire to find agreements that occupy the middle ground. Win-win is not taking advantage when it is understood that you are being trusted to act with fairness and honor.

Stop fighting over crumbs against real or imagined adversaries. Rather than scarcity and little and few, think in terms of abundance. There is an ever-expanding pie, a cornucopia of opportunity, wealth, and resources for you and your fellow hard workers.

Your investment units are your tenants' homes. Pride yourself on owning well-maintained properties. You and your tenants and your community wins when you provide quality housing.

There will always be investment opportunities for you, a thinking person of action, willing to put in the time to find them. You have a solid plan to achieve financial independence. Congratulations and relax, you win.

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