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42. Walk the Talk

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As an Action Principles® Champion, your words, your manner, your dress and especially your actions are positive, lasting reflections on your character. Others naturally turn to you for leadership. Do not disappoint. Your tenants will depend on your effective management. Your community will depend on your providing quality housing.

You listen. You take your time to reflect. You are respectful. But, you are prepared to act. Know when the battle is yours to fight. Know when to mind your own business. With consistency, people learn where you stand. They respect honesty and hate hypocrisy. When appearing before city and town boards and speaking to individual local housing officials, be known for presenting your position simply, directly and calmly with clear, honest facts.

You walk the talk. Your words match your deeds. You lead by example. You do not compromise what is right. You stick to your convictions as you allow your core values to direct your decision-making.

Don't wait for permission to do what is right. Be prepared to take the lead. An "I love you" to a family member, a "Nice job" to an employee and a "Thank you" to a tenant can go a long way toward establishing solid relationships. At home, a single rose, a handwritten note, an unexpected toy can bond. At work, a raise or bonus or day off can make an employee feel wanted. To a tenant, a well-maintained property will create a positive relationship conducive to a long-term relationship.

You cannot speak with more integrity than, "I give you my word."

It's not hard. It's easy. The truth fears no question. When you work hard and live your life with concern for others, you will feel a warm, calm fulfillment.

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