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43. Be a Roofer

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Here is how an Action Principles® Champion would start a roofing business [or any business]:

You appraise the job. You honestly offer suggestions. You offer a quality roofing product at the same or better price than your competitor.

Your crew is friendly and professional. At the end of every shift, you clean up and stack materials. You make sure that the yard, driveway and street are not littered with pieces of old shingles and nails.

As you work, you put out a yard sign advertising your business so that neighbors and passers-by know that you are friendly, neat and professional.

You do the job as promised and when promised. Or, you honestly explain to the homeowners any problems you encounter. Keep the customer informed. You make absolutely sure that the customer is satisfied.

You ask for a testimonial to use in your advertising. You explain any other type of work your company does; siding or new windows or decks, etc. You offer your satisfied customer a discount on their next job. In fact, you show all of your customers in every way how important they are to you.

You study your competition and you know you offer a quality product or service at a fair price. You'd hire you.

To be in business, you need satisfied customers, clients, patients, students and tenants.

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