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44. Make Everyone Feel Important

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It's time to ramp up your emotional intelligence. You know how to treat others because it is the way that you want to be treated.

Teach with enthusiasm and your love for your subject will spread. Sell your products or services with enthusiasm and your company will grow. Don't teach or sell down to anyone. Speak with and not at your students or customers or tenants. Learn and use people's names.

Listen. Be patient, smile and nod encouragement. Don't get stuck on transmit, always needing to top another's story with your own heroic tales.

Yes, if you hear good news about a tenant, congratulate him or her. Yes, if a tenant is collecting for a charity or selling cookies, pull out your wallet.

Some of your long-term tenants may know your buildings better than you do. If they have concerns or suggestions, listen.

People love to be involved in projects in which they take an active role. Help others to identify and develop their strengths. Be quick to praise and slow to criticize. Look for opportunities to share the Action Principles® with others.

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