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47. Treasure the Earth

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We are obligated to future generations to protect our world. Clean air, clean water, green open spaces, national parks and preservation of our natural resources are everyone's business. Human beings are dependent creatures. Each of us must accept responsibility and do our part.

Think locally. You don't have to trek to another continent to find worthy environmental causes. Alert and aware, you will find local issues that need attention right in your own small, specific investment area.

Think green. As the owner of multiple properties, you will be seen as a leader, a person of influence. Be the example in your community. Encourage and make it easy for your tenants to recycle. Think sustainable resources when you improve and upgrade.

Talking isn't enough. Take action. We can pick up litter in parks and streets without worrying how it got there. Others will notice our example. Educators and parents must join together to teach environmental awareness and conservation to our youngsters. Tread softly. Be mindful of the fragility of our planet.

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