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48. Honor the Military

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As we work toward world peace and we commit to finding nonviolent solutions to our problems, we must acknowledge that our freedom to do so has come as a direct result of those brave men and women who have served in the military. There is no doubt that without a strong response from good, evil triumphs. We must remain vigilant in our support of our armed services.

Once we begin to rely upon demoralized troops to fight push button wars, our security is jeopardized. Once we begin to believe that our defense can be left to others, we will soon be lost.

Right not, we can do more. In every city and town there are plaques and street markers to honor those who stood in our places to defend freedom. Our young men and women from our cities and towns left and did not return. They died heroes. They died for us. Yet, we have allowed their memories to fade. School children do not know their stories. We do not remember their names. Can you adopt one fallen service member from your town and proclaim his or her name as a hero?

Combine your interest and talent. You are in the real estate investment business. How can you champion the veterans' housing needs in your small, specific investment area?

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