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49. Do a Flip

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The Master Real Estate Course will teach you how to find profitable opportunities in your small, specific investment area. In fact, you will find many more opportunities than you need. If you wish, these extra deals can be flipped for profit.

A fundamental rule of business is to buy low and sell high.

Yes, you will find great deals. Yes, you will be able to create even more great deals using your knowledge and negotiating skills. Buying at a low price gives you the option to resell at a high price. You can do that. Flip the property. You take this net profit to invest in more property or you reduce your debt.

Flipping property does not necessarily mean buying properties in disrepair. In fact, the opposite is true. Forget the false drama created for reality shows. The best flips will require little or no work. The money is in the deal. Negotiate a great deal. Some painting and cleaning is fine but, unless you personally have extensive contracting skills, you are best served to leave major reconstruction projects to the experts. You can sell the great rehab opportunity to your buyer.

By flipping a few houses each year, you can significantly reduce the time it will take to own your six properties free and clear of debt. Focus. This is your goal.

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