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50. Commit to Improvement

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As an Action Principles® Champion, never ending improvement becomes your nature. Progress and ultimate success comes to those who train and keep training. It is a process. On the path to success and mastery, you are always recommitting yourself to the better you: better spouse, parent, friend, employer, athlete and citizen. You will make the personal commitment to work hard and smart so that you will have the time and resources to develop and share your special talent.

Commitment comes from the inside out and is tested often. Measure yourself against the best. You won't know your limits if you don't keep pushing. Get out of your comfort zone. Reject the idea of good enough. Commit to excellence. Take each of your goals and think of how you can improve one percent each month. Let challenge be exhilarating and find joy in the doing.

Self-improvement refers to a continual pursuit of knowledge. How does the local real estate investment market work? How can I use this knowledge to work for me? As you commit to self-improvement, that will include your real estate education. You will read books and blogs. You will look at properties. You will make and win and lose offers. You will buy and sell. You will talk with agents and owners and architects and bankers and other investors. You will learn more and more.

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