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54. Welcome Hard Work

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Learn the value of hard work by working hard. Love the sweat.

Many average people only work half the time that they are on the job. More than a few only exert enough effort to not get fired. Some walk around with clipboards doing nothing. The sub-par performance of others presents the opportunity for you to excel. Simply working all the time that you are at work puts you among the elite in most companies. For an Action Principles® Champion, expect to get more done before noon than an average person just going through the motions accomplishes all day.

Ignore the self-pitying malcontents who whine away their days complaining about everything. Avoid the slackers who slink into the shadows leaving the harder work to others.

Be sure that your extraordinary efforts are recognized and appreciated by your employer. You will be entitled to promotions and raises. If not, find another job, become a commissioned salesperson or start your own business.

Keep in mind that, in two decades or less, by completing the Action Principles® Plan, your financial options will increase significantly.

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