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55. Be the Warrior

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Forget wishing on a star, buying a scratch ticket or tossing coins in a fountain. Make your own dreams come true. Rather than fighting over limited crumbs, an Action Principles® Champion thinks in terms of an ever-increasing cornucopia of opportunity.

As an Action Principles® Champion, you aren't looking for secrets or forever seeking easy ways. You've already been taught most of what you need to know. Here's what you need to know: buy six properties and love your tenants.

Why pretend otherwise?

Let others grumble as they wait in long lines to be handed a small portion of fish. You go fish. Right now, you can define success based on your own values and beliefs. Make the choice to do more and be more. You don't need anyone's permission.

In a real sense you are a warrior. Often you must bravely soldier on as you skirt obstacles, as you dodge and weave along your personal path to the achievement of your goals.

Yes, some of your research and offers and schmoozing will prove to be a waste of time. Yes, you will encounter dumb real estate agents, sellers whose words mean nothing and your share of unreliable contractors. Yes, some great deals will turn to crap. Yes, 80% of people will not understand the Action Principles® Plan. Accept this.

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