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60. Sell

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Every company relies on salespeople. If you can sell, you'll never go hungry and your potential for profits is unlimited.

 You don't need a fat bankroll or a wall of degrees. You don't have to start your own business because you are the business.

If you like tennis, sell tennis gear. If you like to fly, sell airplanes.

If you enjoy science, sell laboratory equipment. You can get rich selling almost anything: rubber bands, beer, cars, restaurants, anything. Find the company and start proving what you can do.

The top real estate salespeople earn commissions well into the six figures. Make a great living and supercharge your investment plans.

The best salespeople are hard working, organized and optimistic. They don't take rejection personally. They believe in themselves and their products. And they know and accept, "Some will, some won't, so what, next."

Find legendary salespeople in your industry and do what they do. There are commissioned salespeople who make more money in a year than a whole room full of lazy lawyers. Do what most others can't – go out, sell, and reap the rewards.

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