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61. Buy Six Properties

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Sixty percent of people own a home. They are not financial geniuses. You don't have to be a financial genius to implement the Action Principles® Plan. You don't need an MBA or any college degree. You don't need to invent a successful cell phone app. You don't need rich partners.

Today, too many people are worried that they will outlive their retirement savings. For you, "no worries." You've got your plan and it's a "forever" plan.

Basically, you do six times what average property owners do once.

Concentrate in a small investment area of 25,000 people and become an expert on values in that area. Befriend the movers and shakers in your small specific investment area. Make lots of offers. Take pride in maintaining your properties.

You don't have to buy skyscrapers, shopping centers or office buildings. Small multi-families, condominiums, single-family houses, vacation rentals are fine. You can do this anywhere, but why not choose an area where you'd love to live? Buying your six properties within 20 minutes of home makes management easier.

You work hard for 20 years to acquire your properties and pay off your mortgages. Then, you enjoy. In time, let your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren thank you as every month, they collect the rents forever.

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