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64. Follow These Principles of Wealth

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Set your financial goals to include completion of the Action Principles® Plan. Know that you can do what others can't or choose not to do.

Work 40 hours per week and live at that income level. Keep getting raises and promotions and improving your life style. You are not being deprived. You can still own a nice home, drive a nice car, take nice vacations while providing for your family and paying your bills.

During your asset-building 20 years, be willing to work an additional 10 to 20 hours per week. Keep this money separate. This is your investment money. This is your wealth building money.

More millionaires have become so through real estate investing then through all other methods combined.

With that said, in addition to your Action Principles® Plan, you should still invest in corporate pension plans, especially if there are matching funds. You may still wish to invest in government/tax subsidized individual retirement plans. You may work in an industry and have an insider's knowledge of which companies to buy and which to short. You may own a chain of small businesses and hopefully, also own the commercial real estate. You may have a vast knowledge of collectibles.

You are a thinking person of action. Make money. Save. Invest.

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