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65. Watch Others Fail

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Watching others fail is not mean spirited. Allow real life to educate you on the consequences of choice; good and bad.

Study the winners. But, also observe the professional and personal consequences of being lazy, conniving, disrespectful, envious, greedy, slovenly, egotistical, and selfish and so on. Learn from the unfulfilled lives of the blowhards who like to talk but never quite get around to putting forth the effort necessary to succeed. See the effect on those who succumb to undisciplined lives devoid of goals or standards.

Alert and aware, see how cumulative bad choices, one way or another, eat away and inevitably punish individuals while negatively impacting those around them.

Yes, the obvious failings and failure of others can be quietly motivating, empowering to you. See it. Think about it. Remember it. Then, shake it off. Take confidence in your good choices and plod forward.

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